2013. június 21., péntek

Új video, Magyarra váltás, Razer ONZA, stb.

Ezentúl a videóim többsége magyar nyelven lesz, kicsit többet fogok videokat csinizni, van uj outrom is, a fenti videó végén meg is lehet tekinteni.

Az utolsó ONZA:
Most kb 20 perce hogy meg jött a Razer ONZA Gamepad amit rendeltem.
Elég törékeny darab, tudom már használtam az elött, elég hamar tönkre megy, de meg éri,
eddig a leges legjobb pad amit valaha használtam, formatervezés és triggerek szempontjából,
Majd igyekszem vigyázni rá, ha esetleg tönkre menne tudtam szerezni 2év garanciát a bolttól ahol vettem.

De nem tudom hogy lesz kicserélve ha netalántán tönkremenne mert már kivonták a forgalombol, ez az utolsó darab amit betudtam szerezni.

2012. november 20., kedd

I wanna Raid(erZ)

Oh RaiderZ came out today, i installed it and made a character, hope Shizu will wanting to try this out with little me :P

2012. november 15., csütörtök

Call of Duty Birthday (Black) Ops 2

Call of Duty changed alot since CoD 2... thats obvious, But CoD 2 was the first game i played alot, hell i even had a clan, for CoD 2 MP, was fun times but then World of Warcraft came it took all my friends so the clan exploaded, and i never played a single CoD game seriously again.

Every year when a new CoD game came out i was like "what ever..." i always ended up having them like as a present for my birthday or a really good discount, i kill like 20-30 hours in MP and play the campaing once.
With Black Ops 2 it will be the same, maybe just maybe i will roll in the MP in just a bit longer, i like the looks, and i have to play it to decide.

There is a FoV slider up to 80 and the slider part is good but the 80 part is not so good, some people don't care but i need minimum of 90 FoV to play with out sickness and i prefer 110 for 16:9 in CoD games, but i hear the the devs will add 90 soon in a patch, so its ok.

I got the Digital Deluxe Edition for my Birthday (which is on the16th of november.. but i get my presents a bit erarliar) from a friend of mine :)

It came in a box DVD size, it containd a DVD Box, and the DVD Box was empty, yup empty i say.
Guess Activision wants to cut down the cost on DVD Discs which i find funny, the other thing i find funny that the standerd edition has Mass Effect 2 on the 2nd disc (lol woot... i know!), so i dunno whats goind on there :D

So this edition is just a DVD case and a code inside, the code contains:

  - CoD World at War (the whole game which is nice i guess, i did not had it on steam before)
  - Nuketown maps (a zombie map and a Future Nuketown map)
  - Some extra Player Card Backgrounds (2 nuketown/zombie themed cards)
  - And the Soundtrack (the best part the song from Trent Reznor)

Thats all, one code contains all of this.

Its an ok package, and i will report back if there is anything special about this CoD.

But i don't think so :)

2012. november 13., kedd